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Aquarium Plants View Slide Show

Aquarium Plants

Post pictures of plants in your aquarium here. If you have specific plant profiles, you can also post them in the respective sub galleries below.

Flooded Day 27
by ross.chang
29th Apr 2018 21:58 Go to last upload
Stem Plants View Slide Show

Stem Plants

Stem plants do not have a central growing point. As the stem grows, the plants increase in height and produce more leaves on new stems. Popular stem plant species includes Hygrophila Ludwigia, Bacopa and Rotala.

by joe
14th Jun 2015 20:06 Go to last upload
Rosette Plants View Slide Show

Rosette Plants

Plant species whose leaves all originate from a single base are called rosette plants. Echindorus and cryptocoryne species belongs to this group.

Tiger Lotus Plant
by Max Lim
19th Sep 2013 15:13 Go to last upload
Liverworts, Mosses and Ferns View Slide Show

Liverworts, Mosses and Ferns

In general, this group of plants are non flowering aquarium plants that are usually tied to wood and rocks.

by juilian75
1st Jan 2015 22:56 Go to last upload
Floating Plants View Slide Show

Floating Plants

Floating plants are great shelters for fishes and acts as nutrient sponges. They also provide shade for low light plants in the tank. Post pictures of the floating plants in your tank here.

by benjaminong88
14th Sep 2010 23:43 Go to last upload
Terrarium/Vivarium/Paludarium Plants View Slide Show

Terrarium/Vivarium/Paludarium Plants

Post pictures of terrestrial plants suitable for terrariums, vivariums and paludriums here. Plants in this category generally needs moisture and cannot be fully submerged.

2017-10-29 23.05.34
by Cardinal Tetra
29th Oct 2017 23:10 Go to last upload
Algae View Slide Show


Know your enemy! Post pictures of the different types of algae you have encountered here so as to help others identify it.

Hair algae: Before...
by inrewind
29th May 2014 19:07 Go to last upload