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day 47
Flooded Day 27
Flooded Day 27
Flooded Day 27
Flooded Day 27 Photo Gallery
  Category / Description Last Upload Images Photo Gallery Photo Gallery is for active registered members to upload aquatic and aquatic related images only. All images should be no more than 800 pixels wide and 200 KB in size. Members found uploading offensive images will have their gallery privileges suspended. Copyright of images resides with the respective owners. Kindly ask for permission before using them outside of forum discussion.

Freshwater Flora Galleries


Aquarium Plants View Slide Show

Aquarium Plants

Post pictures of plants in your aquarium here. If you have specific plant profiles, you can also post them in the respective sub galleries below.


Stem Plants


Rosette Plants


Liverworts, Mosses and Ferns

Flooded Day 27
by ross.chang
29th Apr 2018 21:58 Go to last upload
Floating Plants View Slide Show

Floating Plants

Floating plants are great shelters for fishes and acts as nutrient sponges. They also provide shade for low light plants in the tank. Post pictures of the floating plants in your tank here.

by benjaminong88
14th Sep 2010 23:43 Go to last upload
Terrarium/Vivarium/Paludarium Plants View Slide Show

Terrarium/Vivarium/Paludarium Plants

Post pictures of terrestrial plants suitable for terrariums, vivariums and paludriums here. Plants in this category generally needs moisture and cannot be fully submerged.

2017-10-29 23.05.34
by Cardinal Tetra
29th Oct 2017 23:10 Go to last upload
Algae View Slide Show


Know your enemy! Post pictures of the different types of algae you have encountered here so as to help others identify it.

Hair algae: Before...
by inrewind
29th May 2014 19:07 Go to last upload

Freshwater Fauna Galleries


Aquarium Fishes View Slide Show

Aquarium Fishes

Post pictures of your freshwater fishes here! If you have a specific species profile, you can also post them in the respective sub galleries below.








Labyrinth Fishes










Primitive fishes


Brackish Water and Other Fishes

Pt scalare
by morvenkoh
20th Oct 2017 10:53 Go to last upload
Freshwater Invertebrates and Crustaceans View Slide Show

Freshwater Invertebrates and Crustaceans

Shrimps, crayfish, snails, these creatures makes our aquarium complete. Show us your collection here.

2016-12-17 00.55.37
by Cardinal Tetra
17th Dec 2016 00:56 Go to last upload
Vivarium, Terrarium and Paludrium  Fauna View Slide Show

Vivarium, Terrarium and Paludrium Fauna

Photographs of frogs, newts and any other pets that can be kept in Vivariums, Terrariums and Paludariums goes here.

Bonsai driftwood
by juilian75
19th Apr 2015 14:09 Go to last upload

Marine Galleries


Fishes and Invertebrates View Slide Show

Fishes and Invertebrates

Marine fauna has amazing colors. Share pictures of your marine fishes and invertebrates with us here.

20160222 174336
by Cardinal Tetra
15th Mar 2016 17:58 Go to last upload
Corals View Slide Show


Corals are major contributors to the physical structure of coral reefs that develop only in tropical and subtropical waters. They are a colorul addition to any marine tanks and makes your fishes feel at home. Post pictures of your Small Polyped Stony Corals (SPS) or Large Polyped Stony Corals (LPS) here.

by ozersal
27th Mar 2017 19:29 Go to last upload

Tank Galleries


Terrariums, Vivarium and Paludariums View Slide Show

Terrariums, Vivarium and Paludariums

Half dry, half wet, all moist or all dry, we want to see them!! Post your pictures here to share with the rest.

2017-12-07 00.11.30
by Cardinal Tetra
7th Dec 2017 00:15 Go to last upload
Freshwater Aquariums View Slide Show

Freshwater Aquariums

Be it Betta tanks, Cichlid tanks or Planted Aquascapes, we want to see them!! Post your pictures here to share with the rest.


AQ Planted Tank Competition 2003

day 47
by ross.chang
13th May 2018 22:39 Go to last upload
Marine Aquariums View Slide Show

Marine Aquariums

If you have a reef tank, a FOWLR set up, we want to see it. Post your pictures here.

1ft Pico Reef tank
by kohanson
14th Jul 2013 19:39 Go to last upload

Equipment, Accessories and Supplies Galleries


Equipment, Accessories and Aquarium Decorations View Slide Show

Equipment, Accessories and Aquarium Decorations

Pictures of your filters, light sets as well as accessories such as CO2 reactors, tweezers, etc. and aquarium decorations goes here.

2ft tank for sale
by denniswko
26th Aug 2017 22:01 Go to last upload
Aquarium Supplies Galleries View Slide Show

Aquarium Supplies Galleries

Pictures of EXPENDABLE aquarium supplies such as food, fertilizers, water conditioners and medication. Link pictures here for forum discussions.

Items q
by sgixus
12th Feb 2016 16:36 Go to last upload



Plant Photography Contest View Slide Show

Plant Photography Contest

Gallery for submission of Plant Photography Contest 2006


Plants in Aquarium


Single Plant species

4ft setup 2005
by Justikanz
1st May 2006 16:56 Go to last upload
Events, gatherings and outings View Slide Show

Events, gatherings and outings

Field trips, farm tours, workshops, LFS visits (both local and overseas) or just gatherings with fellow aquatic hobbyists. If you have pictures, share them here!

PA 00
by jwuog
29th Oct 2010 21:03 Go to last upload
Members' Miscellaneous Photos View Slide Show

Members' Miscellaneous Photos

For members to post aquarium related photos that do not fit in any of the above categories. Photos posted to this gallery are oganised in sub-galleries named after the poster. PLEASE DO NOT POST PICTURES FOR MARKETPLACE HERE.

by Cardinal Tetra
17th Sep 2017 13:07 Go to last upload
Marketplace Photos View Slide Show

Marketplace Photos

Please upload photographs for your buy and sell threads here. All photos will be pruned after 90 days. Photos posted to this gallery are organised in sub-galleries named after the poster.

GEX SubstrateA
by jamesneo
7th Mar 2016 11:45 Go to last upload

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